About Us

Our Mission

The “WORDS AND MUSIC” Children’s Theatre Program serves the community by providing children, ages 6 to 16, with a creative, nurturing environment where they can discover, develop, and share their creative lives by both learning the disciplines of musical theater (acting, singing & dancing) and performing in both large and intimate theatre spaces of 50, 120, and 300 seats.

The WORDS AND MUSIC Children’s theatre program is distinguished by a commitment to:

  • Adapting our shows to fit the needs of our students
  • Challenging each student by providing them with opportunities to have solo speaking and singing lines
  • Individualized attention to each student
  • Students apply the techniques they learn immediately as they rehearse their show
  • Providing a compassionate and respectful environment


We are here to TEACH and INSPIRE our students.

Our History

(About the program) 

WORDS AND MUSIC was formed in April of 2013 for the purpose of growing and nurturing the highly acclaimed “On Stage” for Musical Theatre program, for which David Azarow started in Nyack in 1999. Our mission statement then and now has never wavered. That each student holds a potential that we, the instructors, have been given the responsibility of helping them to discover and develop. We have always prided ourselves in our focus on the fundamentals, the personalized attention from the faculty because of the smaller class sizes (usually no more than 20 per group which gives a 5/1 teacher/student ratio) and our insistence that there are “no clicks” of any kind within our casts.

Students are expected to help and support each other throughout the learning and creative process.

I can’t tell you how remarkably successful this formula is as our students become free from the peer pressures and social anxieties which can hold back their creative growth and experience.

In short, we are a learning program that puts on an amazing show at the end of each classes 12 week session. Our faculty is made up of theatre professionals (acting teachers/directors, vocal instructors, choreographers, music directors), and I am usually present at every class working as the musical director.

I’m sure, like so many kids, yours will find this program a fun, exciting, creative “home away from home” where they can access and nourish their creative aspirations under the guidance of fantastic teachers, in a fun, inspiring, successful curriculum.